What makes Tuende Pamoja different?

Find out how our small charity makes such an important difference in the community, the environment and the wildlife.

Matipwili Trade Training Centre

Great progress has been made in the building of the Trade Training Centre.

The hard work and the amazing fundraising are starting to show results.

It seems the community will be able to finish the building off and that it won’t be long before some of it will be put to use….

very exciting and a just reward for ...

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Kwaheri for Babu

The Matipwili Community organized a superb day in the village
To say goodbye to Richard, known to all as Babu.

People came from all over the country to pay their respects.
Officials, students, teachers and friends from all around the region made the effort.
Even the son of the head cattle man from our days before 1974 in Kenya came ...

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Ahsante (Thank you) Ceremony in the Village

After a week of hard work and lots of fun the Community put on a very special Ahsante ceremony for everyone involved.

The village committee and lots of the villagers are in attendance and the visitors have a chance to sing the Tanzanian National Anthem as well as the Australian one.
A very happy afternoon ending a fulfilling week.

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