What makes Tuende Pamoja different?

Find out how our small charity makes such an important difference in the community, the environment and the wildlife.


The wonderful team from Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College and CEFPI don’t only do most of the work on the project they spend a great deal of time and energy when not in Tanzania raising the funds for their project. 

As well as organizing lots of sausage sizzles, cake stalls they recently ran a fundraising film night at ...

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The building starts

In July 2014 the team from Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth and CEFPI, Western Australia travelled to Matipwili to make a start on the building of the Matipwili Trade Training Centre.

They started by making some very large and heavy blocks out of gravel and cement. These would be the building blocks for this important new project ...

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Incredible results from Matipwili Primary School

As a direct result of the learning facilities, the Library and the Resource Centre, Tuende Pamoja has been able to provide in Matipwili the following excellent results have been obtained:

in 2010 Matipwili Primary School was positioned 84th out of 124 schools in the district in terms of results.  

In 2013 they were 34th and in 2014 they expect to ...

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